"The main illness in society is not knowing oneself." ~Charlotte "Joko" Beck
Douglas Johns, LCSW
Portland, Oregon

Personal Growth & Transition ~ Portland, Oregon
Douglas Johns, LCSW

Each moment in your life is revealing. Paying attention to the wisdom each moment communicates evokes intentions such as patience, trust, acceptance, and what is often called “beginner’s mind”. These ways of being in the world can help guide one’s path and development even when you are confused and uncertain. Existential Psychotherapy and mindfulness-meditation are methods for tapping into and understanding the interiority of your life so that these and other intensions may grow and flourish. Struggles and fears are more clearly understood as energy you can embrace and be curious about. Direction comes from within as you relax and experience your life more directly (in the present moment) and compassionately.

Life changes, either self-initiated or externally motivated, can be both exciting and overwhelming. I help people intentionally adapt with the vicissitudes inherent to growth and change with confidence and authenticity. Please feel free to call me with any questions you have at 503-252-3739.

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