”Nothing Special” ~Shunryu Suzuki
Douglas Johns, LCSW
Portland, Oregon

Meditation Instruction ~ Portland, Oregon

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Meditation is nothing special. Simply put, meditation is intentional and conscious awareness to the ordinary experience of your life, just as it is, right now. There's a paradox to meditation: the less one strives to get "somewhere" when meditating - i.e., deep relaxation, blissful mind states - the more beneficial meditation becomes. Of course many of us begin a meditation practice wanting something to be different in our lives, myself included. And in time it becomes clearer that meditation is not about needing to get anywhere. Meditation is a practice of just being. Nothing special.

Try this: Take a few moments and pay attention to your breathing. Allow your other senses to fade somewhat into the background. When your mind wanders to thoughts gently return to simple and direct awareness of breathing. Don't judge how well you do this. Don't put yourself down or critique your experience. Just allow the breath to be what and how it is. Allow your breathing to find its own rhythm. It is natural for the mind to wander and become distracted, however. When that happens just notice it, silently note this to yourself as "thinking", and return again to the direct experience of breathing. That's meditation.

There is increasing scientific research demonstrating the healing properties of daily meditation. There's no need to join a religious commune. Meditation itself is a non-religious skill that anyone can utilize regardless of personal belief. While I am a student of Zen Buddhism, I teach meditation to people of all orientations as a straightforward skill to cultivate self-awareness. The byproduct of this skill is increased calm, concentration, self-confidence and

In the final estimate deciding to meditate regularly is about making a commitment to yourself: To understanding yourself more fully and to loving all the parts of yourself. Increasing this potential creates more room in your conscious mind to make decisions about how to live your life. It's not easy to do and kindness for yourself is the way to begin. Please call me with any questions you have at 503-252-3739.

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