I’m OK, You’re OK ~Eric Berne
Douglas Johns, LCSW
Portland, Oregon

Assertive Communication ~ Portland, Oregon
Douglas Johns, MSW, LCSW

Someone once said, "All problems originate from poor communication." That might also mean I don't communicate well with myself, say, when I'm under stress. Psychotherapy and mindfulness-meditation can help us better understand ourselves so we can communicate more effectively with others.

More specifcially, Assertive Communication Skills enable you to stop apologizing for who you are, stop defending what you do, stop explaining why you are, stop justifying what you believe and stop attacking and blaming others who make demands on you. No one is born with great communication skills. We must learn them, practice them and gain confidence through experience. I teach specific skills to ask for what you would like and to cope with uncertainty in human interaction and communication. Please call me with any questions you have at 503-252-3739.

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